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Banker With A Beer: A Podcast Series by Northwestern Bank

Jun 29, 2020

  • Museum Reopening on July 1
  • Safety Precautions to be in place
  • New facility and future plans

Guest: Michael McHorney, Director of Eau Claire Children’s Museum
Beer Enjoyed: Potosi Golden Ale

Jun 22, 2020

Why Community Banks? How does technology affect banking? What is the WBA?

Guest: Paul Kohler, Charter Bank
Beer: Belhaven Scottish Ale

Jun 18, 2020

How does each level of government work? The role of the Chamber of Commerce with governmental advocacy. How to make a difference in politics.
Guest: Scott Rogers, Governmental Affairs and Workforce Director
Beer: Lazy Monk Brewery - Maibock

Jun 8, 2020

  • Leading a business in challenging times
  • The value of a business plan
  • The importance of people

Guest: Steve Olson, volunteer consultant for SCORE
Beer Enjoyed: Hacker Pschorr Weisse