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Banker With A Beer: A Podcast Series by Northwestern Bank

Mar 26, 2021

  • History of Larson Construction
  • Building Bridges in Wisconsin
  • Moving back from Boston
  • How family considerations can change careers

Guest: Megan and Tim MacLaughlin-Barck, Larson Construction
Beer Enjoyed: Pauwel Kwak

Mar 26, 2021

  • Farming in 2021 The Work Day in a Modern Farm
  • Technology on the Farm
  • The next generation; is there a future in farming?
  • Favorite Farm Toys

Guest: Jake Rooney & Stacie Zeman, Rooney Farms
Beer Enjoyed: Guinness Draught Stout

Mar 22, 2021

  • The Inspiration of the Bridge Lighting Project
  • Finding Time for Community Projects
  • Strength of Rotary and Service Clubs

Guest: Pat Thoney, Phoenix Park/Rotary Bridge Lighting Project
Beer Enjoyed: Leffe Belgian Ale (Blonde)

Mar 6, 2021

  • What does Audio Architects do?
  • Evolution of Hardware to Digital
  • Computers are the center of everything
  • Favorite projects

Guest: Andy Pierson, Darin Wagner, Nancy Carlson - Audio Architects
Beer Enjoyed: Founder KB5, Barrel Aged Stout